Magical Mystical Custard Cake

So I spend a fair amount of time reading other bakers blogs and I came across an unusual recipe  for ‘Magic Custard Cake’  from White on Rice Couple.

I love Custard Tarts but they can be a little heavy with the pasty and this is the perfect alternative a custardy layer with a lovely fluffy sponge like topping. Now I did take them into work and they weren’t everyone’s cup of tea (fussy eaters mainly). But I honestly couldn’t get enough of these. I would make them again but I am trying (somewhat in vain) to not bake the same thing twice (except the macaroons which I am testing new flavours out).

I love trying out recipes that aren’t your standard cake or has unusual ingredients (when I can get my hands on them) so I thought how hard could this be, and as it turns out it is one of the easiest bakes I have come across in years. A simple, quick and low mess bake that is super tasty.

The time it took to make was very important, as I’m usually in a mad rush after work to make dinner and try to fit in a cake before heading back out again. this was perfect put dinner on, make the batter, put in the oven, eat dinner and clean up while it cooks, remove to cool while your out. Absolutely perfect for those of you who don’t always have time set aside to cook. And this was a last-minute need to bake fulfilled.

I won’t repeat the recipe as the blog these came from is fab and you should definitely give it a read. Please see Magic Custard Cake for the recipe. They even do a cheeky chocolate version for those of you who need a chocolate hit.

My photo really doesn’t do it justice, it was a mad after thought once we had already eaten a few slices.

No Faeries were harmed during the making

No Faeries were harmed during the making

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